When ugly and gross had a threesome with sexy, this necklace was born.

Each of the 7 teeth on this grotesque necklace are hand crafted from scratch and painted with stunning bright red and pink acrylic, and threaded on stiff gold wire.
Hung on a black and silver chain with a hefty toggle clasp closure, this necklace is made to order with a standard 17 inch chain*, or to your desired personal length.

Your necklace with come beautifully packaged in a Dusky Ledoux parcel.


Limited run of 50.


Chain Length
Custom Chain Length:

Please note that whilst every item is made to the same specific design, the individual nature of the product could mean that your necklace differs slightly from any pictured.

*Chain length does not include the length of the teeth, which is on average 3 1/2 Inches.

Mmmmmm Gross Tooth necklace in sexy presentation box